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Learn about ways to sell your home!


So, you're looking to sell your house in the Houston or surrounding areas.

Depending on your situation, you've got three routes:

  1. Try to sell the house yourself (for sale by owner)
  2. Hire a real estate agent
  3. Sell it fast for cash to a home buyer company

Now, do you know when is best to use each of these options, and which one is best for your situation?

Let's go over it together!

FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

Many homeowners go the route of trying to sell a home theirselves, especially if you're in a high traffic area that will attract a lot of drivers with a FSBO sign.

But if you're not, then there are other things that you're going to have to do.

You've got to market the house somehow, so it's important to start with all your options.

Talking to your neighbors, coworkers, family members, and friends will help you spread the word within your immediate network.

Posting on some generic ad sites, like Craigslist's for sale category, will help you get some attention from locals for free (usually).

To take it a step further, you might try getting some good photos, videos, and write-ups about the location and the home, then putting it on a website.

From there, you can dive into some Facebook ads that can drive local traffic to your landing page, getting a lot of exposure and potentially finding a buyer for a hundred bucks or less.

Sure does beat giving away percentages of your sale, right?

The downside is that you're going to have to deal with anyone who is interested and showing them yourself.

A small price to pay if you have the time and are interested in doing it.

Of the three options, this is potentially the most time consuming, and might take a better part of the year to sell.

Hiring A Realtor

Most people go the route of hiring a real estate agent or realtor.

While this may seem like it's the easiest thing, there's actually a lot of work involved.

The thing is, the agent is going to have a lot of back and forth with you, questions, and needs a lot of information.

Most of the time spent will be information transfer, but after that the agent will take over it.

They'll usually be in charge of getting the photos and videos done, post it on the MLS and other listing sites, and deal with showing potential buyers.

If you're still living in the home, you might have a lot of visitors come through.

If you are not living there, then they might do an open house to attract more visitors, although open houses are more often for lead-gen, getting their own customers, not so much to sell the house.

Real estate agents come in varying degrees of effectiveness, and you should do your research to know if that agent is familiar with your area and type of home, and look at their track record.

Be prepared to give up 3-5%of your total sales price to the agent's broker, who will give only 40% of that to the agent.

You're really paying for the ability to list on an MLS and a little bit of delegation with regards to the property, but if your time is more valuable for things going on in your life, it might be worth the extra cost to delegate that to an agent.

Generally, using an agent is going to faster than doing it yourself, but you can still be waiting anywhere from 1-6 months or longer depending on the property and the market.

With Houston's market the way it is and how large it is, this can take some time.

Getting Cash For Your Home In Houston

By far the fastest way to sell your house, you can use a home buyer company like Express Houston Home Buyer to purchase your home in cash.

This is the best option if you need to sell your house fast, because there is almost no red tape and no need to attract buyers.

The way it works is that you contact the "we buy houses" company, and they ask you some details about your home.

Then they'll come check out the property to verify things and look for specifics.

Regardless of the state of your home, they'll be able to give you a cash offer.

Now, be warned that the offer is not going to be the same as the market value.

It will be quite a bit under the market value, but that's the trade off for having a home sold so quickly and for cash.

This option is usually best for those that are under a financial strain like bankruptcy, foreclosure, tax liens, or if the homeowner has to relocate quickly or needs to get rid of a vacant/damaged property.

These kinds of companies will even buy a home that has been flooded or damaged in a fire.

The benefit, however, is that you don't have to make any repairs, pay any commissions, or pay for the closing.

In addition, you can get your check in mere days, compared to potential months with the other methods.

That's one of the benefits of going this route, it really is the fast track to selling your home.

And there you have it, the top three options for selling your home.

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Be sure to check back on our homepage for more tips and tricks, or information on selling your home!